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Mala Making Class

Join us for a fun filled practical morning course on Mala making, where you will learn the art of making an authentic Buddhist Mala, or more commonly known as prayer beads.

Saturday, March 23


The workshop will include instructions on physically making a Mala (everyone will get to make their own wooden Mala), as well as the meaning and purpose of this special object of Buddhist faith. You will also learn about the correct way of counting mantras, and the correct way of using a Mala in general.

Class Cost:

$30 Mala Making Class
$25 for Center Sponsors

Pay in advance by using the following option:

Mala Making Class


Note:The cost includes materials to make one wooden mala with tassle; however, everyone is welcome to bring their own beads, which can be purchased at most craft stores as well as several bead shops around. There will probably be time for you to make more than one mala so if you wish to bring your own (or extra) materials you will need the following: 104 beads, 4 marker beads (they should look/feel different from the 104 beads), 1 Guru bead (larger than the other beads), and embroidery thread (for your tassel).

If you want more detailed information please send us an email or inquire at any class at the center.

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