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(First Sunday at 10am) Sundays Kid's Classes in Orlando

Kid's class meets on the First Sunday each month.  Dates are: 

November 3

December 1

Suggested ages for this class are 4 years old to 10 years old.  Younger chidren can attend together with a parent.

We are delighted to offer Kids' Meditation Classes at our Center. These meditation classes are designed to help children develop a peaceful, positive state of mind by listening to and applying Buddha's simple compassionate teachings and meditations.

In each class we share a short meditation, a brief teaching, chanted prayers, and a creative
art project. We emphasize kindness to others and the cultivation of a happy heart. Your child will benefit from these classes by learning how to maintain a peaceful mind even in difficult situations. This will naturally lead to more happiness and self-confidence in your child's daily life.

While your child is participating in the Kids Meditation Class you will have the opportunity to take part in the adult Sunday meditation class. The adult classes focus on the same spiritual topic as taught in the Kids Meditation class but from an adult perspective facilitating further conversation on these useful topics with your child.

The opportunity for parents and children to practice meditation  together can support a family life filled with loving-kindness, greater ease, and more peaceful minds.

             Kid's class is free with the parent's donation


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Meditation courses in Orlando & (First Sunday at 10am) Sundays Kid's Classes in Orlando.