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(Thurs and Sun) General Program Classes in Orlando

Happiness is within...Current Classes

Vajrapani Center's General Program guided meditation classes are appropriate for both beginners and those who already have some experience of meditation.

Sunday morning classes 10:00am to 11:30am

Tuesday meditation classes in November & December 7:30pm-9:00pm

Thursday evening classes 7:30pm to  9:00pm

Each class is both part of a series and yet also self-contained. this means that you can drop in to any class at any juncture and still feel that you have something to take home with you. 

Classes are ninety minutes in length and consist of two fully guided meditations, a short talk containing Buddhist insights, and light refreshments. Our Resident Teacher is Kelsang Jindak whose aim is to provide tools and methods whereby people can find increased peace and happiness in their daily lives.

Everyone is welcome! Requested Donation for classes: $10 ($5 for Students and Limited Income). No one is turned  away for lack of funds.

Sunday Mornings 10:00am

We are exploring the book How to Transform Your Life on Sunday mornings. Through practicing the instructions presented in this book we can transform our life from a state of misery into one of pure and everlasting happiness. These instructions are scientific methods to improve our human nature.   


11/19  Who is Je Tsongkhapa? Part of Empowerment Weekend

11/26 Others are More Important

12/3 Great Compassion 

12/10 Wishing Love  

12/17 Supreme Good Heart

12/24 Virtuous Wishes

 12/31 Emptiness of the Old/New Year

Also: Kid's class on Sundays - kid's 4 yrs to 12 yrs old are free with the parent's donation for the main class.

Thursday Evenings 7:30pm

Advice from Atisha's Heart

This advice is a guide for a healthy positive life, encapsulating the way of life of the early Kadampa Buddhist Masters, famous for the purity and sincerity of their spiritual practice. By following Atisha’s Advice in our daily life, we can develop a pure and happy mind  Atisha was the great Indian Buddhist Master who originally established Kadampa Buddhism in Tibet. 

11/16 Seeing with Wisdom 

11/23 Thanksgiving no class

11/30 Love

12/07 Exchanging Self with Others

12/14 Compassion

12/21 Giving from the Heart (taking and giving)

 12/28 Joyful Effort

Vajrapani Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicted to community enrichment. 


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