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Center Officers and Branch Teachers

Center Officers

Ben Baenen
Ben is the Administrative Director of Vajrapani Center. He maintains the center and works tirelessly to continuously improve our building, making it ever more inviting and comfortable for everyone.  Thanks to Ben's kindness we have today the beautiful garden at our center.

Paula Lopez
Paula is the Education Program Co-ordinator of the center. Working closely with our Resident Teacher, Paula co-ordinates all of our spiritual programs, retreats, and other activities. Paula also teaches meditación en español.

Julie Remington
Julie is the assistant Education Program Co-ordinator of the center.  She works closely with our Resident Teacher and the Education Program Coordinator on the spiritual program, retreats and other center activities.

Center Teachers

Kelsang Gyudzhin
Kelsang Gyudzhin is an ordained Kadampa Buddhist monk who teaches General Program classes on Thursday evenings in Orlando.

Julie Scofield
Julie teaches introductory Buddhist meditation classes in DeLand and Orlando. She works as a Historic Preservation Planner in her daily life.

Kid's Class Teachers

Travis Williamson
Travis is senior student of Vajrapani Center and a school teacher in her daily life. Travis established the Kid's Class program here at the center. 

Christopher Conlon
Christopher studies on Foundation Program at the Center. He is a dad and has experience teaching kids sports.  He has been teaching the Kid's Class with Travis for many years.



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