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Eight Steps to Happiness - FP Sundays

Foundation Program 

Classes for this structured study program meet each week on Sundays from 2:00pm to 4:00pm  This is not a drop in program; you attend every  class that is scheduled.

This book contains clear methods for transforming all life's difficulties into valuable spiritual insights, for improving our relationships, and for bringing greater patience, empathy and compassion into our daily life. 

An in-depth and practical explanation of one of Buddhism's best-loved teachings, "Eight Verses of Training the Mind", by the great Tibetan Bodhisattva, Langri Tangpa, in his commentary Geshe Kelsang shares the immeasurably rich insight of this ancient wisdom to help us find greater happiness and meaning in our busy, modern lives.
Please read below for FAQ if you are interested in joining this program. 

About our teacher: Kelsang Jindak is a western Buddhist nun and has years of experience practicing and teaching Kadampa Buddhism. Jindak has a clear teaching style and is a excellent teacher for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Learn more about the benefits of the Foundation Program and the Teacher Training Program by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Frequently Asked Questions:

About the Foundation Program: The Foundation Program gives you the opportunity to engage in a structured study and meditation program on the essential teachings of the Buddhist spiritual path. Buddhism teaches that to find lasting happiness and meaning in our lives we need to follow a spiritual path. To follow this path it is important to have a close connection with a qualified teacher who can give us personal advice and encouragement, to listen to pure teachings and to be a part of a spiritual community. In this way we are able to gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of Dharma (Buddha’s teachings), maintain a daily meditation practice that is both focused and powerful, and make genuine spiritual progress

We suggest that you attend our drop-in General Program classes first, to see if how we present Buddha's teachings is right for you.  Then if you decide you want to enroll in this class, you should have the intention to complete the book, or section of a book, for which you have joined. If you are have an interest in joining the class that is currently in session, please speak with our Resident Teacher Kelsang Jindak or to our Education Program Coordinator Paula Lopez.

What are the program commitments?
Students may enroll to study either a whole book or a part of a book. The student agrees to attend every class, learn the material, and to take a written test at the conclusion of the study. The class meets once a week for two hours. There is also a commitment to participate in at least one drop-in meditation class or chanted prayer at the Center each week.

What happens at a class?
Before each class, students study an assigned portion of the text, usually a few pages long, and try to memorize the essential points. Each class begins with chanted prayers and a guided meditation. The teacher then reads the assigned section from the book while giving commentary to the text. The students then divide into pairs to discuss the material. The teacher and students conclude by deciding what to meditate on in the next class and how to practice during the coming week.

How much will it cost to enroll?
The cost is $60 per month to become a Center sponsor, which also includes admission to our weekly drop-in meditation classes at the Center and branches.

How do I enroll?
Please email to request information about enrollment. We recommended that students attend our drop-in classes before enrolling in Foundation Program.

What are the benefits of joining a study program?
Through regular teachings and meditation, systematic study, and group discussion, the Foundation Program offers modern people the same kind of training followed by spiritual practitioners over the generations dating back to the time of Buddha Shakyamuni. In this way we can gain authentic experience of Buddha’s teachings while still maintaining our contemporary lifestyle. By studying on this program we will gain great confidence in meditation – from basic techniques for overcoming our everyday problems to practices leading to unsurpassed happiness and permanent inner peace. Warm friendships develop as students inspire each other, sharing insights and experiences of the spiritual path.

Other Questions?
For more information on joining the Study Programs please contact our Education Program Coordinator at

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