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24 Hour Tara Chanting

Saturday, September 7 & Sunday, September 8


Liberation from Sorrow Chanted Prayers

Session times:  Saturday 4pm; 8pm & Sunday 12am; 4am; 8am and 12noon

Arya Tara is a female Buddha, and her name means “Rescuer."  She is known for her wisdom & swift compassion and her ability to protect living beings from fear and danger. 

This special way of engaging in Tara practice over a 24-hours is a very powerful method for removing inner and outer obstacles, such as sickness and misfortune. Each session of chanted prayers will last an hour and a half and prayers are provided. You can attend any or all sessions.  You are welcome to bring a sleeping bag and rest in the meditation room overmight.

Everyone is welcome to attend this free retreat.


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